Work Injury Treatment Program

To Our Maui Ohana Patients & Residents: 

For our Maui ohana that have suffered a work-related injury under Hawaii worker’s compensation, we at Back In Action Chiropractic understand how complex and confusing finding a provider to help manage and treat your injuries can be.  Dr. Wruck and Dr. Helmstetler have almost 30 years of experience helping injured workers navigate getting the care they need. We can even help manage your care for non-spine related injuries and help navigate appropriate referrals to healthcare professionals for treatment such as physical & massage therapists, orthopedists, neurologists and other providers. We understand how important it is for you to return to work quickly and safely in order to maintain your quality of life in the work place and to allow you to participate with your families’ daily activities.

Our work injury treatment program focuses on proper management and conservative care as your first treatment option.  Depending on the severity of your injury we work with a network of medical providers which include, orthopedic / neuro surgeons, interventional procedure & medical pain specialists, neurologists and many other providers to help assess and define proper care.  We provide our patients with a single point of contact for effective assessment and treatment of your work injury. Our treatments and program provide injury treatment focusing on helping to restore the injured worker to their maximum function lost through your work injury. We offer follow-up care with creative treatment plans.  We also take into account each injured workers individual needs, abilities and goals.

Our comprehensive work injury treatment approach streamlines communication between you and as your treating physician, help with communication with the employers, case managers, insurance adjuster and worker compensation insurance carrier. We have extensive experience and help support you as the injured worker understand the benefits and responsibilities under Hawaii’s workers compensation system. Additionally, we will assist you with your treatment authorizations, work restrictions and with your return to gainful employment.

Our services include:

  • Initial and complete work injury assessment and diagnosis.
  • Referrals for appropriate imaging and ancillary therapies such as physical therapy and massage, acupuncture, and other conservative care options.
  • Complete injury management for work related injuries, illnesses and exposures through our healthcare providers. (Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioners, MDs and other medical professionals.
  • Communication and meeting with your nurse case manager or insurance adjuster.  Proper request for medical records, treatment authorizations, return to work plans.
  • Certified DOT Examiners.

How Can Chiropractic Treat a Work Injury?

Chiropractic care can work with medical treatment for pain relief from musculoskeletal issues arising from a work injury. According to NCBI study, chiropractic treatment showed reduced disability, cost, and fewer days of absence from work.

When you visit a chiropractor, they will first diagnose your problem and determine the underlying source of your discomfort. They will then choose a strategy that is appropriate for your unique needs. Chiropractors utilize a variety of treatment modalities, including spinal manipulation, decompression therapy, physical treatment, and more. All of these methods are used to help:

Reduce Pain The first and most important benefit of chiropractic treatment is that it will assist to ease the pain caused by your work-related accident. Chiropractors use specific techniques to improve the body’s alignment and function. It helps to provide immediate relief, enhance functionality, and help the body heal itself. While many individuals connect chiropractors with back discomfort, they may also help relieve pain from injuries in the neck, joints, hips, head, and various other locations throughout the body. Visiting a chiropractor is almost always helpful for any type of workplace injury.

Improve Range of Motion Stiffness and a loss of range of motion are common symptoms following neck or back injuries. Spinal manipulation, adjustments, neuro-muscular re-education, ultrasound, and other therapies are all used to increase mobility and restore a normal range of motion.

Reduce Inflammation When the body experiences an injury, the natural response is typically inflammation. This can be shown through pain, swelling, and occasionally immobility in more extreme cases. Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to lower levels of inflammation in joints as your body will begin producing higher levels of anti-inflammatory agents which aid in healing.

Minimize Scar Tissue There are several benefits to scar tissue, one being that it can be broken down easily. chiropractors have many methods of breaking up scar tissue, some including instrument adjustment and soft tissue therapies.

Relieve Stress Job-related injuries often lead to stress, which can be just as harmful to the body as the injury itself. If left unchecked, over time this stress lowers immunity and makes us more susceptible to contracting diseases. In addition, muscle tension from chronic stress causes additional pain in the body. Chiropractic adjustments help release muscle tension and immediately relax the body while also increasing blood circulation. This type of care is not only beneficial for physical health but mental well-being too.

Massage Therapy Work Injury Recovery

Massage therapy is yet another work-related injury treatment that we provide at our chiropractic practice, which is used to alleviate pain throughout the body and certain regions affected by your workplace accident. Like chiropractic therapy, massage therapy is capable of reducing nervous and muscular tension, increasing range of motion and circulation, decreasing inflammation, and aiding your body’s relaxation for it to recover more quickly.

Preventing Work-Related Injuries

Following the recommendations listed below, you can prevent future work injuries by strengthening your muscles and conditioning your body for repeated stresses.

Lifting heavy things with your back is dangerous and ineffective. When you left with your back, you were applying a significant amount of force to your lower back, which is never good for your spine and will always put a strain on it. Always lift using your legs rather than your back when lifting heavy objects to avoid work-related injuries caused by excessive exertion.

If you have a desk job that has you sitting in the same position for hours every day, be sure to take breaks and walk around. Additionally, make sure your office chair provides proper lumbar support so that your back isn’t strained from constantly having to sit up straight.

To learn more about using chiropractic care to help you recover from your work injuries today, contact our clinic by calling (808) 873-0733.

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