Work Related Injuries

If you have suffered a work injury, here are some general next steps: 

Of course, it is hoped that no members are injured at work. However, the reality is that occasionally members do get injured at work. OHSA standards recommend these steps.


  • Inform your Supervisor/Employer


  • After you notify your supervisor/employer of the injury, you should fill out an accident/incident report form or it can be done verbally with the documentation to follow.


  • Get Medical Attention
  • If you have a life-threatening injury, go to the emergency room


  • Return to Work Statement
  • Before leaving your Doctor’s Office or ER get a work statement recommending:
    • Return to work without restrictions
    • Return to work with restrictions
    • Do not return to work


  • Contact your Supervisor
  • Present your Return to Work Statement
  • Discuss any work restrictions

You should report all incidents/accidents even if there was no injury so as the employer can be aware of a possible injury or that you may have an injury that you don’t know about at the time. It does not matter how small the injury is (eg stubbing your big toe or sticking your finger with a needle) you should report it. These types of incidents may lead to complications in the future.

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